On March 20, 2021 I Was Hacked And Robbed of $384,006 in Crypto. Here's My Story...

I made my first crypto purchase of Bitcoin in December of 2019. Over the next year and three months I built a crypto portfolio to nearly $700,000.

Then a very unfortunate event took place. On March 20th, 2021 I was hacked and robbed of $384,006.

Obviously this is devastating. Not only the immediate loss but the potential of the cryptocurrencies I had in the wallet will be worth no less than $1 MILLION dollars in 2021.

SO...am I getting out of cryptocurrency now?


I have learned how to generate a significant amount of money in crypto and although I have suffered a large setback I am confident that I can still make massive gains with crypto


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This was the screenshot I took 2 hours before I was hacked to show my wife the progress we were making in crypto. 

Balance = $384,006 in this wallet.

Total balance in all wallets before attack was about $691,000. 

And 2 Hours Later...$0
Everything in that wallet taken. It took them 3 minutes to clean me out. 

To Your Success,
Brandon H Larsen

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